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About Delvin Shorts and  Dels Custom Guitars !
     Dels Custom Guitars   Founded  4 / 2 / 2012  Is a fresh new company, with fresh new ideas . I believe ive built a better mouse trap , when it comes to Tele / style guitars .   I believe my new line of Tele style guitars are a step ahead in design,craftsmanship,playability and most important , that killer TONE that we all look for, but can never seem to find.  I believe my new Del electric guitars have everything most players want in a fairly simple design ,and will make their playing experience go way beyond anything they have ever tried before ....... I have been playing guitar since the age of five. I Have been building and doing repairs for AROUND 36 years.  I now believe I have built the ultimate Tele style guitar .    I am still a huge fan of  the original Tele  Fender electric guitar .  They are the driving force that led to most of my ideas for this  guitar, and I have total respect for their company .   My company is fairly small and I am its Sole owner, right here in Farwell, Michigan.  I believe that every customer is part of our family and  will be treated with respect , courtesy, and will recieve service with a personal touch ! .. Feel free to call  or text me at ...989-400--  1627.   For information  about my Del custom Tele style electric guitars ,    Call me .....   Mon - Thurs.  between   --- 9:00  --4:30   Thank You ....  Del  Shorts  /  Ceo.
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